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Independence and Dignity
Through Nutrition



Catering & Consultancy Nutritional Management

For over 10 years we have worked primarily in the care and education sectors, implementing a nutritional and catering strategy developed by our expert nutritionists that is proven to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of its residents and students.

Our work also extends to care protocol management/consultation and supply chain management/consultation – both of which typically result in significant cost savings or income improvements.

Training & Development

As a service, Cedar Revive is trying to improve the welfare, health and mobility of an aging nation. Through our service provision within the Care Sector and further outreach to the wider community, we are achieving this by following some simple rules and spreading our company ethos. One of the fastest and effective ways to do this is through our training & development programmes.

We deliver a high level of customer service and innovation through accredited eLearning modules that have designed in-house by our expert nutritionists and chefs. If our training is not on-site, we provide e-learning packages that can be accessed remotely which aids the development of both the catering and care staff teams based at our clients’ individual locations.

Good Food at Home Wizard

The Forgotten Ones

In our experience in the third sector we have found a gap where people could benefit from the type of professional care and nutritional services previously described, but don’t have direct access to it.

Whether it be residents within social housing, individuals discharged from hospital (with specific nutritional requirements), or even family members whose condition and quality of life could be improved by simple changes to their weekly menu…

The Good Food at Home Wizard will support these groups and provide them with improvements in wellbeing, mobility and cognitive response. We believe it’s is our obligation to spread our knowledge to as wide an audience as possible, because some small changes to what we eat and don’t eat could make massive changes to our quality and personal dignity in life.

Housekeeping & Cleaning  Management

There are many areas in care homes that become easily contaminated with micro-organisms. 

Keeping a high standard of environmental cleanliness is important in care homes for the safety and protection of its residents who are vulnerable to infections.

This is achieved by:

  • Managing cleaning services in a systematic way, ensuring that staff are trained to carry out the tasks they are responsible for.
  • We manage overseeing the implementation and effective use of the cleaning specifications
  • Review the work schedules with our domestic staff
  • Regularly audit, ensuring that staff are fulfilling their duties
  • Ensuring that all newly appointed staff have completed a structured induction