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Catering & Soft FM
Services Audit


Catering & Soft FM Services Audit

Fresh fruit and vegetables on a fork

Whether you are currently contracted to a caterer or operate an in-house service the Cedar Catering & Soft FM Audit Test will ensure you are being charged the correct price for the food supplies and the services you receive, and that those services represent true value for money.

You can view a sample audit here.

Business Planning Audit

We test that the specification of the services requirements and business plan from your catering and soft fm service is being delivered and meets the current needs of your business.

Financial Audit

Third party independent verification will reassure you that your contract and services is performing as well as it should be, while identifying areas for improvement. The Cedar test will identify overcharging, labour irregularities, erroneous charges, purchasing discount retention and the true level of service provider earnings.

Operational Audit

In conjunction with the financial audit, a full service review will be undertaken which will examine the quality of service, service delivery, systems & processes and the potential opportunities to improve the service to end users.

Support Audit

We test that the service has the correct level of service support from:

  • Purchasing and Product Supply,
  • Nutrition and Dieticians
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety,
  • Accountancy and Financial IT Management Controls
  • Human Resource and Training
  • Marketing, Communication and Design