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Independence and Dignity
Through Nutrition


Catering Consultancy Services

Making your locally based food service a real tangible asset for your business, customers, and residents and to aid communication we supply all our Area and Chef Managers with iPads which contains our Chef Manual.

We supply our own Area Managers, Consultant Chefs/Cook Managers who hold a PVG certificate and we have trained in:

  • Accredited Nutrition
  • Special Diet Requirements
  • The Cedar Chefs Manual – Menu Planning & Recipes
  • Kitchen Management
  • Level 3 Food Hygiene
  • Level 3 Food Health & Safety

nutritional care

The nutritional care of the customers and residents is a high priority for us. We adapt menus to everyone’s requirements for texture, allergens, fortification, ethnic and cultural diets whilst meeting the nutritional guidelines and taste.

The guidelines for school meals are used as are the Food for Hospitals to ensure the correct guidelines are used for the different settings.

Our chefs are trained to adapt the dishes to meet the dietary needs of the residents whilst still ensuring they have an enjoyable and nutritious meal

Catering Consultancy Services