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The Catering
Management System


The Catering Management System

Fresh fruit and vegetables on a fork
Food Service in the Cloud

Menu Management
& Ordering System
from Cedar Revive

  • Allergen Analysis
  • Nutritional Information
  • Recipe Database
  • Natasha’s Law Compliant
  • Menu Costings
  • Budget Control
  • Online Ordering

Our system is complementary to use when you purchase from our recommended suppliers

Our Catering Management System comprises:

Chefs Management Manual 4 weekly menus with

  • menu planning,
  • recipes & pictures of each dish
  • cooking methods & ingredients
  • nutritional analysis and values
  • allergen analysis
  • online ingredient ordering for each recipe
  • recipe costing & portion control
  • digital picture menus

An Introduction to the Chef Manual

HR operating manual

EHO Hygiene, Health & Safety Manual

Online management reporting

Special Needs catering for school children, young adults and elderly customers in line with government guidelines

Marketing and menu display

Online purchasing

Task analysis and job specification for each role in the location’s catering teams

Client Company Catering Toolkit

Equipment requirements, dining room and servery design

Nominated suppliers and food purchasing guide

Labour structure, rotas and financial modelling

Training and development planning for each member of the catering teams

Digital menus in Makaton

The Catering Management System

nutritional care

Nutritional care is a high priority for us.

We work closely with staff to determine the most up to date live nutritional information about their residents to ensure that the meals provided are adapted to everyone’s requirements for texture, allergens (making sure, if applicable, that you are prepared for Natasha’s Law in 2021), fortification, ethnic and cultural diets whilst meeting nutritional guidelines.