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Training & Development of Staff working in Third Care Sector

Cedar Revive Academy

Cedar Revive Academy

We deliver a high level of customer service and innovation through accredited eLearning modules

We have designed in-house e-learning packages that can be accessed remotely which aids the development of both the catering and care staff teams based at our clients’ individual locations.

Eat Safe - Promoting Excellence in Food Hygiene

Catering Care Pathway

The Catering Pathway is a link between the catering teams and the carers to ensure that we are delivering a seamless service to the residents and customers using our services.

The Catering Care Pathway

We develop a pathway for each individual client’s location ensuring that we have a bespoke service plan for each of the users which links to our e-learning development programmes.

The nutritional care of the customers and residents in the Nursing Homes, Residential Care, Sheltered Housing, Special Schools and Day centres that we support is a high priority for us.

We work closely with the care staff to determine the most up to date nutritional information about the residents to ensure that the meals provided are adapted to everyone’s requirements for texture, allergens, fortification, ethnic and cultural diets whilst meeting the nutritional guidelines.

The guidelines for school meals are used as are the Food for Hospitals to ensure the correct guidelines are used for the different settings. The individual’s nutritional information is recorded on the Nutrition Matrix and updated monthly by the Service Manager, allowing us to keep up to date with any changes in nutritional care. Our chefs are trained to adapt the dishes to meet the dietary needs of the residents whilst still ensuring they have an enjoyable and nutritious meal.

Cedar Revive Chefs preparing food

Measuring success, developing people, as people matter to the success of your business.

We work with our clients who operate housing associations, special needs schools, day centres, nursing and care homes who supply care, catering & cleaning services to develop their staff’s knowledge, skills & ideas so we can respond to individual client and customers’ needs and integrate team performance improvements.

All the Right Ingredients

Working with selected local suppliers and growers we offer improved quality of ingredients, taste, supply, increased flexibility, and reduced costs. Our approach is based on honesty and a quest for excellence. Introducing cost controls and measurement of your assets.

All the right ingredients

Recommended Buying & Product Purchasing

“If you are like most businesses with hospitality food services, cost cutting and putting a recovery plan in place is necessary for your survival. In view of the impending changes to your supplier prices (many prices will fall due to excess supply and others will increase due to market forces such as travel restrictions, increased demand, etc.), my team would like to support you by running a cost comparison or bench marking supplier price files to ensure that you are ready when food supply businesses restructure and reopens.

As we review your menus my team can begin working on your pricing and please do not worry about large outlays or further business disruption – there are none!

I cannot stress enough that we will get through this, and once the dust settles, I look forward to catching up and learning more about your experience during this incredibly challenging time”

Alan Aitken
Cedar Revive

Carer feeding a resident

A true commitment to locally based care.

We employ our own Development Chefs, Nutritionists and Speech & Language Therapists.

Taking a fresh look beyond the kitchen and housekeeping & domestic and care services.

The software we’ve developed is state-of-the-art allowing us to give the client a complete overview of everything we do.

State of the art software

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